Consumer Product Safety

Consumer products are increasingly subject to product incidents, with the potential for a product recall to be necessary. Therefore, it is vital that you have effective product recall plans and a communications strategy in place and put these to the test on a regular basis.

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Product Recall

RQA believe in an annual Plan, Train, Test approach to product recall management. We can develop or review your plans, train your teams and put both to the test. Click here for more. 

We can also assist you in the event of a product incident to manage the whole process from initial risk assessment to product destruction. To find out how we can help with recall management click here. RQA also offer RAPEX Risk Assessment Training so you can do the first step yourself.

To find out more about this or any of these services contact us to find out more.

Crisis & BCP

Business Continuity and Crisis Management are also key issues that those supplying consumer products need to understand and have plans in place for. RQA can assist you to ensure that you have all the plans in place to meet your supplier, insurance, and regulatory needs.


Supply Chain Risk

Supply Chain Risk Management is an important area for a consumer product manufacturer, or importer/distributor who applies their branding to a product. It is vital to understand where the components for your product are sourced from and the risks that these suppliers pose to your business continuity.

RQA can offer you supply chain risk management advice and also train your people to audit suppliers

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If you need assistance with a live recall click here to find out how we can help

Other relevant services

RQA Group specialise in crisis management and offer a comprehensive and customised service throughout the whole process.
RQA Group can assist you with all aspects of business continuity, from creating a new Business Continuity Plan, assisting in understanding your risk profile and more.
The best way to reduce your product recall risk if you are a food manufacturer is to have a comprehensive food safety and quality programme.
“RQA Group have provided risk management consulting and training to our businesses around the world for many years. They have also helped us to ensure we are prepared for product recalls and business continuity challenges. They are highly professional and expert in their field and we consider them a valuable resource across the business.”

Tom Richardson,
Group Insurance Director Associated British Foods plc

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“The Speedibake Crisis Management Committee were put through their paces in a crisis challenge test by RQA Group. It was a tough but rewarding day and the team performed well together. This puts us in a better position to effectively manage potential crises in future. Thank you RQA for making it feel so realistic!”

Peter Wilcock,
Technical Manager Speedibake

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