RQA Group provides expert product recall consultancy services to underwriters of product recall insurance and product liability insurance, as well as insurance brokers, claims teams and their policy holders.

We have built an excellent reputation over many years as experienced product recall consultants and are very well known throughout the international product recall insurance market. We have real experience of assisting companies in hundreds of real contamination, product safety and product recall incidents, developing RAPEX risk assessments as well as providing expert witnesses and compiling expert reports in product recall and product liability cases.

Many insurance companies also retain us as their product recall consultants as an added value to their product recall insurance offering. Their customers get access to our 24/7 Product Recall Incident Support line and our services via their insurance policy and this can include some pre-incident funding, which can be spent on training and consultancy from RQA. This helps the client but also improves the risk for the insurance company.

Expert product recall consultancy services to the insurance industry

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