Crisis Communications

During a crisis, communication is key, both internally and externally, but in particular there may be media interest in your situation as it develops. It is vital therefore that you have a plan, you have people trained in handling the media in a crisis and you know how to monitor for, and respond to, a social media crisis. Our specialist crisis communications consultants have a wealth of experience in assisting companies to prepare for and handle crises and also rebuild their brand following a crisis.

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Crisis Communications Planning

It is vital that you have a crisis communications plan which includes both proactive and reactive communications and your crisis team know who should be responding, how they respond and by what media channels they should respond. Our specialist crisis communications consultants can assist and lead the creation of effective crisis communications plans including pre-prepared draft communications for both traditional and social media.

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Crisis Media Training

Train key personnel in your crisis team to be able to handle media enquiries during a crisis. Giving them the skills to handle aggressive interviews, or handle sensitive issues and protect your brand reputation and build trust.

Social Media Crisis Training

Many customers who have a complaint don’t call or email customer service teams, they turn to social media to voice their concerns. Therefore, it is key that you know how to monitor social media for your brand and keywords to catch any negative comments and avoid a few complaints going viral and becoming a brand crisis. Our training will help you understand how to identify and respond to social media issues with case studies of when it has gone well or, not so well. 

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Media & Social Media Monitoring Tools

As well as training we can help you optimise your monitoring of both traditional media and social media. We can recommend tools that can help you to monitor all channels ensuring you can spot a building crisis. Many companies have tools such as social media aggregators which they use to schedule posts, but these tools can also be setup to monitor for complaints and negative brand activity. If you already have tools we can audit these to ensure they are optimised and are setup to monitor brand keywords, and will deliver what you need in the event of a crisis. During a product recall it is key to get your message out to as many customers as possible and authorities expect you to demonstrate the reach of your messaging, these tools can also help you to quantify that reach.

Support During a Crisis

RQA can also assist you during a crisis should you need help handling media enquiries, preparing media statements, monitoring media and social media or even setting up a call centre to handle the increased level of calls, which includes drafting scripts for the call handlers. Should you have an incident, the sooner you call, the more we can help.

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