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RQA excels in delivering comprehensive food safety audits and industry-specific auditor training programs to businesses across diverse sectors, leveraging our team’s expertise in various industries. On this page learn more about our:

  • Food Safety Audits
  • Auditor Training
  • Specialist Audits

We understand the critical role that food safety plays in the food industry, and our goal is to help businesses maintain the highest standards of food safety through thorough audits and effective training programs.

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Food Safety Internal Audits

Through our internal food safety audits, we provide businesses with an independent and objective assessment of their internal processes, procedures, and compliance with food safety regulations and standards. Our auditors work closely with your team to identify any gaps or areas of non-compliance, helping you proactively address issues and continuously improve your food safety practices.

Audits from RQA are:

  • Clear and actionable without the use of complex jargon
  • Tailored to your exact needs
  • Conducted at a time that works for you
  • Delivered by local expert auditors who understand you and your business
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Food Supplier Audit

Food Supplier Audits evaluate the practices and processes of your suppliers to assess their compliance with food safety standards and regulations.

By conducting comprehensive supplier audits, we help you make informed decisions regarding your suppliers, minimise risks, and safeguard your brand reputation.

Food Hygiene Audits

Our Food Hygiene Audits are designed to assess and evaluate the hygiene practices and standards in food establishments. Our experienced auditors conduct thorough inspections to ensure that proper hygiene protocols are followed, including cleanliness, sanitation, and safe food handling practices.

Food Allergen Audits & Foreign Body Assessments

We also offer specialist food auditing services, including Food Allergen Audits and Foreign Body Assessments.

Food Allergen Audits focus on assessing the effectiveness of allergen control measures in your facility, including ingredient handling, labelling accuracy, cross-contamination prevention, and staff training.

Our expert team can also carry out Foreign Body Assessments to identify any potential risks and provide a strategy to ensure you and your customers are protected against any foreign body contamination.

Food Safety Auditor Training

Our Food Safety Auditor Training programmes are designed to equip delegates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to conduct thorough and reliable audits.

Our training courses cover various aspects of food safety auditing, including risk assessment, crisis management regulatory compliance, and industry best practices.

By investing in auditor training, you can enhance the capabilities of your audit team and strengthen your overall food safety management system.

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“De’Longhi Group has been working with RQA for several years now, always finding it very beneficial to the company, teams and people. High professionalism, prompt and competent interventions, have provided great benefits and contributions to continuous improvement of our processes, the strengthening of a preventive approach to potential crisis, and effective training. A very successful cooperation indeed!”

Lorenzo Paglierani,
Group Product Safety & Liability Director, Delonghi Group

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“I would like to thank RQA for the amazing job! The crisis simulation went very well and the observations provided in the report were extremely insightful.”

Francesco Giliotti,
Legal Vice President, Group DPO, Group Crisis Team Coordinator Barilla S.p.A.

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Whether you need to create a product recall plan from scratch or would like us to review your existing plans, RQA can help.

RQA Group specialise in crisis management and offer a comprehensive and customised service throughout the whole process.
RQA offer expert food safety consultancy services, including food safety management & training covering HACCP, VACCP and TACCP, defence auditing & threat assessments.

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