Food Safety Consultancy

The best way to reduce your product recall risk if you are a food manufacturer is to have a comprehensive food safety and quality programme. RQA have been assisting food manufacturers with their food safety for 25 years through our global network of specialist food safety consultants. 

Get in touch to find out how we can assist you with food safety issues such as HACCP, Food Defence, allergens, foreign bodies and much more. Or read on below for our food safety training, food defence and auditing services.

Food Safety Training

Food safety training, including HACCP training, is required to ensure your compliance with food legislation and industry standards such as the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Our range of Highfield accredited food safety and HACCP are aimed at anyone working in a role that involves contact with food, the management of such people, Senior Managers and Directors, or auditors of food safety systems. Highfield are the leading provider of regulated compliance qualifications in the UK.

We also have a range of specialist food safety training including food safety for engineers or senior managers and directors. allergen or foreign body awareness training, and understanding microbiological lab testing results. 

Find out how we can help with your food safety training and request a quote.

Food Defence, TACCP and VACCP

RQA has been providing food defence training and consulting services for over 10 years: We can:

  • Train your team in food defence, TACCP and vulnerability assessment
  • Assist you in developing your food defence plan
  • Carry out an on-site food defence assessment
  • Develop your threat assessment and food defence plan
  • Develop your vulnerability assessment, with a focus on supply chain
  • Test food defence protocols to identify weaknesses  

Our approach is, as always, flexible and customisable to what works best for your needs. Click below to contact us and discuss your needs.

Whether the threat is from internal malicious contamination or from a third party with a grievance or the adulterated supply of ingredients, it is all addressed by an effective food defence plan. Food defence covers vulnerabilities throughout the entire supply chain; it is not just about site security. RQA offers a comprehensive modular approach to working with clients in the very important area of food defence.

Other relevant services

Whether you need to create a product recall plan from scratch or would like us to review your existing plans, RQA can help.
RQA Group specialise in crisis management and offer a comprehensive and customised service throughout the whole process.
RQA Group can assist you with all aspects of business continuity, from creating a new Business Continuity Plan, assisting in understanding your risk profile and more.

“De’Longhi Group has been working with RQA for several years now, always finding it very beneficial to the company, teams and people. High professionalism, prompt and competent interventions, have provided great benefits and contributions to continuous improvement of our processes, the strengthening of a preventive approach to potential crisis, and effective training. A very successful cooperation indeed!”

Lorenzo Paglierani,
Group Product Safety & Liability Director, Delonghi Group

“I would like to thank RQA for the amazing job! The crisis simulation went very well and the observations provided in the report were extremely insightful.”

Francesco Giliotti,
Legal Vice President, Group DPO, Group Crisis Team Coordinator Barilla S.p.A.

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