Crisis Management

RQA Group specialise in crisis management and offer a comprehensive and customised service throughout the whole process.

We can support you through:

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Crisis Management Planning

If you do not have crisis plans, our expert consultants will help you to develop crisis management procedures that are robust, user-friendly and meet your business needs, helping to mitigate the impact of the crises you are most likely to face. 

If you already have plans in place, our specialists can review your plans against industry best practice and our real-life experience of handling crises, to ensure they are up to date and useable in an incident. 

Crisis Management Training

We offer crisis management training designed to help your crisis team understand the principles of crisis management, their roles during a crisis and familiarise them with the company’s crisis plan. The training will be bespoke to your business but we typically include the following elements:

  • What is crisis management and business continuity?
  • Identifying your “risk profile”
  • Detailed discussions of your company’s crisis plans
  • Challenging and validating your plan
  • Exercises throughout to highlight key points
  • Mini crisis simulation to conclude

We have a range of options for the timing and delivery of the course from a full day to a short refresher, with in-person or remote delivery depending on your preference.

Click below to get in touch and tell us about your needs, find out more, and get a quote. 

Crisis Simulation Exercise

The best way to put your crisis team and your plans to the test is with a challenging scenario-based simulation exercise. Our consultants liaise closely with a nominated person in the business to ensure that the scenario is as realistic as possible and this, along with our range of ‘injects’ such as emails, calls, social media posts and media enquiries, make for a demanding and immersive exercise. This provides your crisis team members with valuable experience of a crisis outside of a real incident, allowing your organisation to improve your crisis procedures and identify training needs.

There are various options for the delivery of a simulation from a complex, multi-site remotely managed approach, through to a half-day, on-site, desktop exercise. To discuss your crisis test requirements and get a quote, click below.

Crisis Communications Support

During a crisis, communication is key, especially as there may be media interest in your situation as it develops. We offer a wide range of crisis communication support and training including plan development, media training, social media training and even support during a crisis. Click below to find out more.

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