About RQA Group

RQA Group is a leading management consultancy headquartered in the UK with an extensive network of expert consultants globally. We assist companies to avoid, prepare for, handle and recover from crises. Our client base includes many leading food and consumer product manufacturers, but we also work with many service industry clients, insurers and law firms.

Vince Shiers Ph.D - Managing Director RQA Group“I want you to think of us as a team of experts in a wide range of disciplines available to help you and your business.  If I were to sum up what we do, I would say that we increase our clients’ knowledge and resilience in key areas related to risk management, crisis management and product recall / safety.  This may be helping a food company facing a product recall; or it may be advising an insurance underwriter on the risks of lithium batteries.  It may be training a senior management team on managing a major crisis; or it may be identifying risks in an upstream energy business.” Vince Shiers, Managing Director, RQA Group

Our global team advise clients in many specific areas and industries.  For example, if you want advice on the safety risks of a specific automotive component, one of our expert automotive consultants will be working with you.  If you need guidance on the safe manufacture of a soft cheese, one of our microbiologists or food safety experts will be assigned.  If you are the focus of a social media and PR crisis, our crisis communications experts will help.

On top of our extensive capability and expertise, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, and the high quality service and value we offer. This is very important to us and has been a vital factor in our business growth over the years.

Get to know us. Have a look at some of the companies we work for and see what they say about us here. Take a look below for more information on our senior team and to see some photos of a selection of our consultants from around the world.

Then, why not give us a call on +44 (0)118 935 7242 or email, or ask a question using our chat function in the bottom right of our website.  We would love to help and take some of the burden off your shoulders.  That is our job after all!


RQA Group are proud to be a signatory of the UN Global Compact and the UK Government’s Prompt Payment Code and to be FSQS certified and a Highfield Approved Centre for Food Safety Training.

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Meet our Senior Management Team

  • Vince Shiers Ph.D - Managing Director RQA Group

    Vince Shiers Ph.D

    Managing Director

    Vince Shiers is leader of the global RQA Group business.  Since 2003 he has run the RQA Group business including developing our global network of expert consultants.  Vince is regularly invited to speak on crisis management and product recall and is an occasional contributor to the media (including the BBC) on these topics.

  • Helen Shiers

    Helen Shiers


    Helen Shiers is responsible for Quality and Finance throughout RQA Group. Helen has previously worked in food production, technical development, auditing and quality management. Working with RQA consultants throughout the world, she ensures the quality of the work we deliver is to the highest standard.

  • Nick Edwards

    Head of Sales and Marketing

    Nick is responsible for RQA’s marketing strategy across all channels, and also heads up the sales team, who look after existing clients as well as developing new client relationships. Nick has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing both from his time at RQA and previous roles in Food Safety, Consumer Products, Automotive and Insurance

  • Craig Stevenson

    Operations Manager

    Craig and his team are responsible for scheduling projects and day to day account management. Having previously worked in both customer service and project management roles, this combination helps ensure our clients receive great service.

A Selection of RQA Group's Expert Global Consultants

RQA Group’s consultants are specialists in their field and deliver the highest quality services for RQA clients. They have expertise in a wide range of industrial sectors including food, beverage, consumer product, automotive components, pharmaceutical, medical devices, industrial and others. Expertise includes product safety, product recall, quality management, risk management, crisis management, business continuity, crisis communications and media. 

All our consultants are highly experienced with many years in industry or in leading consultant roles.  They have held senior positions in risk management, technical/quality, supply chain. They all have a deep understanding of the practicalities of providing effective, practical and high quality advice and timely, cost effective assignment outputs.