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RQA is a leading global consultancy and training firm, specialising in product recall, crisis management and business continuity. We offer consultancy, training and auditing services, which assist clients to avoid, handle or recover from product related incidents or crises. RQA can help businesses to develop product recall, crisis management and business continuity plans as well as train and test their product recall and crisis management teams. Our consultants can also help businesses comply with retailer, customer, insurance and regulatory requirements, through training and auditing.

RQA are retained by some of the world’s leading insurers as product recall consultants to their clients, providing 24/7 Incident Response and risk improvement services. We also work with legal firms providing expert reports and acting as expert witnesses in legal cases related to product incidents. Our clients include many of the world’s largest food, consumer goods manufacturers, insurers and service providers. Click here to view a selection of our clients or here to read testimonials from some of our clients.

With a network of crisis management consultants, product recall consultants, business continuity experts and product safety specialists based in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa, RQA truly offers global solutions.


Our Team

Executive Team

  • Vince Shiers

    Managing Director

    As Managing Director of the RQA Group, Vince Shiers has responsibility for the RQA business in EMEA and Asia Pacific Regions. He has spent over 20 years providing expert consultancy and training services to the food and consumer products industry.

  • Lawrence E. Platt

    President and Founder of RQA, Inc. US-based

    Lawrence E. Platt is President and founder of RQA, Inc. He has spent over forty years in various segments of the consumer packaged goods industry. Larry spent the first 18 years of his career with Unilever PLC serving in a variety of senior management positions in the USA.

  • Mary Ann Platt

    Executive Vice President, RQA, Inc. US-Based

    Mary Ann Platt brings forty years of experience to RQA, and acts as an expert senior consultant to RQA’s client base, focusing on crisis management and the recall process. She consults on recall, crisis and business continuity planning, FSMA regulatory requirements and their potential impact on client operations.

Management Team

  • Nick Edwards

    Client Development & Marketing Manager

    Nick is responsible for developing client relations and looks after the marketing for RQA Group. Having held various marketing and product management roles in Food Safety, Consumer Products, Automotive and Insurance, Nick has a great understanding of the challenges manufacturers and insurers face when it comes to business continuity, crisis management and product recall.

  • Craig Stevenson

    Operations Manager

    Craig and his team are responsible for scheduling projects and day to day account management. Having previously worked in both customer service and project management roles, this combination helps ensure our clients receive great service.

  • Helen Shiers

    Quality Manager

    Helen has a wide experience in food production, technical development and quality management and is responsible for ensuring that our consultancy work is of consistent quality globally. She is also the RQA Group Company Secretary.

RQA Group Expert Consultants

RQA employs or contracts specialists in their field to deliver the highest quality services for RQA clients. RQA’s consultants have expertise in the food, beverage, consumer product, automotive components and other sectors. Expertise includes crisis management, product recall, quality management, product safety, crisis communications and media.

Many of our consultants have had years of industry experience in relevant roles, such as risk management, technical/quality, supply chain, before becoming consultants. This gives them a deep understanding of the practicalities of implementing business continuity, crisis management and product recall plans, within business, rather than just an academic, theoretical approach.

We are always interested in expanding our global network of consultants. If you are interested in becoming an RQA consultant, please contact us to have an informal discussion.

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