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RQA Group can assist you with all aspects of business continuity, from creating a new Business Continuity Plan (BCP), reviewing existing plans, assisting in understanding your risk profile, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), to putting it all to the test with a BCP Simulation Exercise.

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Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a process that outlines the potential impact of disaster situations to business operations. It creates policies that respond to various situations to ensure a business is able to recover quickly after a crisis. The main goal of a BCP is to protect people, property and assets.

Our specialist consultants will work with you to develop your business continuity plans including effective procedures for specific crisis types, e.g. flood, fire, loss of a key supplier, IT failure, fatal accident, catastrophic loss of utility, mass absenteeism, etc. The RQA consultant will spend time with individuals within your company to best understand the issues and current crisis plans (if any); looking for best practice as well as gaps to fill. 

The business continuity plans will take the form of a series of procedures for dealing with each crisis identified in the risk profiling exercise. Each will be a practical tool that is easy to follow and considers notification, escalation and communication with an accompanying action plan.

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Business Continuity “Health Check”

An expert consultant will evaluate the core content of your business continuity plan and then delve into the detail to ensure it is sufficiently comprehensive and effective. We do this through a combination of a review of your business continuity plan followed by a detailed analysis, ideally at your site or HQ, with your business continuity plan “owner”.

Our consultant will discuss all key elements of an effective business continuity plan and will run through several specific incidents relevant to your business. In short, we will assess your business continuity plan, related systems and practical business continuity capability.

Summary of outcomes:

  • Compare your plans against industry best practice
  • Ensure all key content is included in your business continuity plan
  • Provide advice on techniques that can be used to simplify the document
  • Be confident that your business continuity plan will work for incidents
  • Is important to your business
  • An optional report will be compiled that will highlight strengths and improvement opportunities for your business continuity plan

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Business Continuity Simulation Exercise

It is very important to test your business continuity plans, your team and company systems; once they have been completed and then annually. RQA’s customised role play / scenario-based, table-top simulation will provide you and your business continuity plan with sufficient challenge to identify any improvements or capability enhancements.

“Table-top Simulation”
The RQA consultant will develop a scenario with input from a member of your team. This will relate to one of your crisis types identified in your risk profiling. Your team (based in your board room or located remotely) will be fed information from the consultant regarding the after-effects from a serious incident, followed by various “injects” that escalate the scale as time goes on. The focus will be on how you can get your business back to normal operating levels and capability.

On completion of the business continuity simulation, a full report will be prepared highlighting findings with recommendations for further developments of plans and capability.

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Other relevant services

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“RQA Group have provided risk management consulting and training to our businesses around the world for many years. They have also helped us to ensure we are prepared for product recalls and business continuity challenges. They are highly professional and expert in their field and we consider them a valuable resource across the business.”

Tom Richardson,
Group Insurance Director Associated British Foods plc

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“The Speedibake Crisis Management Committee were put through their paces in a crisis challenge test by RQA Group. It was a tough but rewarding day and the team performed well together. This puts us in a better position to effectively manage potential crises in future. Thank you RQA for making it feel so realistic!”

Peter Wilcock,
Technical Manager Speedibake

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