Food Safety

Whether a grower, processor, manufacturer, distributor or retailer, it is essential to train your staff as a key part of your food safety policy which ensures the production of safe, quality food.

Of course, food safety training, including HACCP training, is also required to ensure your compliance with food legislation and industry standards such as the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

RQA’s range of food safety courses is aimed at anyone working in a role that involves contact with food, the management of such people, Senior Managers and Directors, or Auditors of food safety systems. We offer a comprehensive range of accredited courses in both food safety and HACCP from the awarding body Highfield, the leading provider of regulated compliance qualifications in the UK.

RQA also offers food defence training and TACCP training to meet your requirements under BRC 8. We can train your team in food defence, TACCP and vulnerability; assist you to develop your food defence plan and carry out a food defence assessment.

Our consultants are versed in every aspect of food safety and HACCP, having worked within the industry in various roles for more than 20 years, on average. All our food safety & HACCP courses are usually delivered at your company to reduce your costs, time and disruption.

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Food Safety - train your staff as a key part of your food safety policy