Product Recall Simulation Exercise

Product Recall Simulation Exercise
Course Overview
  • RQA consultants call your company as consumers with complaints
  • Recall Team Leader & Recall Team involvement
  • Additional calls will be made by the RQA consultants acting as consumers, retailers, government authorities or media
  • A range of “injects” are provided to the team to escalate the seriousness of the issue
  • Recall Team are challenged to evaluate and respond appropriately to issue
  • All communications kept internally no contact with outside parties is made
Summary & Feedback:
  • A full report on the exercise is prepared, including recommendations for improving your procedures
Who should attend?
  • Your recall team or their deputies, including directors & senior managers representing Technical /
    Quality / Production / Distribution / Marketing / Sales / Finance / Insurance / Communications / PR
Benefits to your organisation
  • To ensure compliance with the Management of incidents requirements of BRC (Clauses
    3.11.1 – 3.11.7)
  • Provide a “real” challenge to your team and procedures outside a truly real incident
Course Duration
  • 1 day (7 hours)
Further Information
  • The simulation can be customised to different levels including:
  • Basic simulation with high level of coaching from consultant
  • Standard simulation minimum coaching
  • Advanced simulation no coaching and multiple escalations and challenges
  • Multi-national simulation Consultants are based in two locations, e.g. Europe & USA & the scenario reflects an international recall
  • As an extra, full media interviews with professional journalists can be included. These can be “down the line” (telephone) or filmed with cameraman at “factory gate” or “studio”.

This desk top exercise is normally delivered on-site and ‘in-house’