Live Exercise with Emergency Services Course

Live Exercise with Emergency Services
Course Overview

• Live crisis exercise involving your local Fire Service,
Police, Ambulance and Emergency Planning Officer*
• Fully customised scenario
• On site evacuation (limited to minimise disruption)
• Communication with the emergency services
• Mock casualties
• Immediate incident management
• Robustness of your roll call
• Escalation / who’s in charge?
• Response capability (can simulate out of hours)
• Hot debrief with the emergency services
• Followed by table top business continuity exercise
• Report provided with recommendations
* depending upon their availability

Who should attend?

• The incident will be managed by a core team of personnel who could be in charge of your
site either during the day or out of hours. Others can observe and participate in the
business continuity table top exercise after the Live element of the course
• Applicable to the crisis teams of all companies within the food and non-food consumer
products sectors. Also applicable to laboratories and other service companies supporting
these sectors

Benefits to your organisation:

• Provide invaluable training to crisis team members outside a real incident
• Demonstrating your commitment to ensuring your personnel are trained in managing a crisis
incident to reduce the impact on all personnel and the business
• Allows the Emergency Services to become familiar with your site and your company
• Opportunity to improve crisis procedures following the Live Exercise

Course Duration

• 1 day (for Live Exercise, hot debrief, and business continuity exercises)