Crisis Management

Preparing for every eventuality or incident is impossible, however taking proactive steps to ensure that your business can manage an incident, and continue to operate and trade through a potential crisis, is essential.

Your customers expect you to deliver and if you cannot ensure business continuity they will take their business elsewhere. Being able to minimise the impact of an incident and continue to provide your products and services requires planning, well trained personnel and efficient business continuity management. By providing your personnel with crisis management training they will be able to more effectively manage crises when they occur. For example, your crisis teams (including those in charge out of hours) may need to cope with the immediate impact of a serious accident, flood, or fire as well as the medium and longer term business continuity aspects.

Liaising with the Emergency Services and the Health and Safety Executive or considering whether a full or partial evacuation is required after a gas leak are not common challenges and therefore training is essential.

The bespoke training we offer makes certain your staff are best placed to deal with a crisis in the most proactive and effective manner.

All the crisis management courses are facilitated by specialists in your industry and many are combined with professional journalists to include the additional challenge of dealing with the media.

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Crisis Management - manage an incident and continue to operate through a potential crisis