Crisis Management Training Course

Course Overview
This crisis management training course is designed to help the crisis team understand the principles of crisis management, their roles during a crisis and familiarise themselves with their own crisis plan.
The course content is flexible and can be tailored to your company’s needs but the core content covered is:
  • What is crisis management and business continuity?
  • Identifying your “risk profile”
  • Summary of previous incidents
  • Detailed discussions of your company’s crisis plans
  • Your team roles and responsibilities
  • Challenging and validating your plan
  • Incident management and business continuity working in parallel
  • Exercises throughout to highlight key points
  • Mini crisis simulation to conclude
Who should attend?
  • Members of your crisis team and their deputies
  • From 4 – 12 delegates
Benefits to your organisation
  • Ensuring your crisis team are aware of their own responsibilities in a crisis situation and familiar
    with the practical application of your company’s plans
  • Providing valuable training to those who could make safety-critical or business-critical decisions
Course Duration
  • ½ day or 1 day options available depending on level of content required. Two ½ day courses
    can be delivered back to back in same day.

This course is normally delivered on-site and ‘in-house’.
Each course is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the company.

Following the completion of the course we recommend that a crisis simulation exercise is scheduled to really challenge the team and put the plans to the test within a safe environment – click here to find out more

If you would like to schedule a crisis management training course email us or call us on +44(0)118 935 7242