Product Recall Bulletin Q2 2023

It’s time to reveal the product recall numbers for the first half of 2023. We have crunched the numbers and analysed the trends from around the world and produced our summary of the recall insights from across food, consumer products & automotive,

The key facts from the first 6 months of the year are:

  • Allergen contamination (including related labelling issues) is the number one cause of FDA food recalls
  • US CSPC data shows a significant increase in numbers, if current trend continues there would be 25% more than 2022, which was already a high figure.
  • EU Safety Gate (formerly RAPEX) numbers continue to rise significantly, with a dramatic 35% step change from previous years
  • Canadian vehicle recalls in 2023 look like they will be significantly higher than previous years

Click below to download the bulletin and see the full data and our thoughts on the numbers so far. 

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