Get your business “Recall Ready” with RQA’s Plan | Train | Test approach

With recalls on the rise and the impact of a recall being very serious, both financially and in terms of brand reputation, are you recall ready?

RQA as product recall experts, with experience of well over a thousand product incidents, recommend our industry best practice, Plan | Train | Test approach to recall management. The fundamentals are simple; have an up to date plan, train your team and put it to the test with a recall simulation exercise. Once you have a plan in place, reviewing and updating it should become an annual process, using the test to help inform the updates to your plan, along with identifying any training needs within your crisis team. If you complete these three steps with RQA within a 12 month period you will get a Plan | Train | Test certificate for your business.

By following this approach, we believe you can minimise the costly impact of a recall on your business. In fact, a well-handled recall can have a positive impact on your brand, especially if you have been seen to be proactively putting consumer safety first and by showing your retail customers that you handle crises well. Being recall ready and demonstrating it to your customers with a Plan | Train | Test certificate from RQA could be a competitive advantage.


Check how prepared your are with our Recall Readiness Assessment

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We will help you identify areas for improvement, and get your score up to 100% (if you’re not there already of course!). For more information on how we can get you 100% ‘Recall Ready’ click here.

You can also check out our World of Recall and try out the cost estimator where you can see how costly a recall really can be.

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