Never Events – Preventable Recalls

RQA have identified and defined a category of recalls that we call Never Events. These are wholly preventable recalls relating to products being packed in the wrong packaging or labelling errors on packaging. Both of these mistakes can cause allergen issues triggering a costly and potentially brand damaging recall and putting consumers health at risk.

We have applied an approach from the Health Care Sector, a system of ensuring Never Events (e.g. operating on the wrong leg) never happen.  We are working with the food manufacturers to apply this approach to reduce the number of product recalls.

Read our latest article, including data on the number of Never Event product recalls
Quick wins:

RQA have identified a number of simple actions that can be taken by food manufacturers to reduce the likelihood of Never Event product recalls.  These relate to risks in:

  • NPD
  • Similar Packaging
  • Disorganised packaging stores
  • “Last minute” production changes
  • Product for export
Strategic long-term solutions:

RQA have also identified a 12 step method to implement the Never Event principle in food manufacture. These include:

    1. Previous incidents
    2. Senior management
    3. Gaps in current systems
    4. Policy
    5. Unfettered reporting of Never Events
    6. Plan for identifying, investigating, responding and managing
    7. Steps to reduce occurrence
    8. Training
    9. Internal audit
    10. External challenge
    11. Governance
    12. Review and expand to other areas

For more on this click here to read the article which explains in more depth about the principles.

How can we help?

To address the “Quick wins”, we will carry out an independent review of your processes related to labelling and production.  In addition to reviewing your procedures and work processes, our expert consultant will observe and challenge your operation for control of packaging, validation and allergen labelling.  This will typically require up to one day on site and a report will be provided with recommendations for eliminating the Never Event Recall risk.

Following the “Quick wins” review, our consultant can work with you and your team to development and implement a Never Event strategy.  This will involve the development of a plan with key actions and timescale to enable you to confidently reduce and even eliminate Never Event recalls from your business.  RQA will work with you all the way from initial meeting to implementation and review.

Contact RQA to discuss how we can assist you in reducing product recalls with the Never Event approach on or call +44 (0)118 935 7242