EU’s Consumer Product Safety Report 2021 Released

EU Safety Gate Product Categories

The EU Safety Gate (formerly RAPEX) is the European consumer product safety rapid alert system and they have published their 2021 report. 

This Rapid Alert System (RAS) ensures that information about dangerous non-food products withdrawn from the market and/or recalled anywhere in Europe is quickly circulated between Member States and the European Commission. 

In total there were 2142 alerts in 2021 which is consistent with the past 6 years despite the exit of the UK from the EU and therefore the RAS. This year sees the first time that cars are at the top of the list of notified products, followed by toys which is often the top category. It is also noteworthy that protective equipment, like face masks, still makes up a substantial part of the products notified as the Covid-19 pandemic continued through 2021. 

The highest risk category in the alerts in 2021 was the risk covering general injuries, which often are related to motor vehicle alerts, with chemical risks being the second most common notified risk type. 

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