Post-Incident Review

After a recall, product safety or contamination incident, it is essential that lessons are learnt to prevent recurrence and to ensure your team and capabilities are best prepared for a future incident.  To achieve this, RQA can send one of our expert consultants on-site to liaise with the relevant people within your business. They will discuss your recent incident, look at the process involved, assist you to work out the cause of the issue (if not already known) and discuss mitigation measures that could be put in place to prevent this happening again.

The RQA consultant can also look at how your product recall plan and team responded to identify if anything could have gone better; reducing the impact of a future incident. We will highlight any issues that require an update to the recall / crisis plans and identify training needs.

Following the visit, the consultant will summarise all the findings in a report.

Examples of post-incident reviews that we have carried out for food manufacturing clients include cases related to sesame contaminated with ethylene oxide, glass contamination, allergen cross contamination, microbiological contamination and other process-related issues.

Case study:

A post-incident review was carried out for a client that had a plastic contamination in the food production.  The main elements of the post-incident review for that client included:

  1. Review of incident management process with recommendations for developments if appropriate.
  2. Review of corrective and preventative actions in relation to the plastic contamination issue to ensure risk of recurrence is closed.
  3. Full review of physical contamination risks on site in general (metal, plastic, wood, glass etc) and current prevention and detection measures to assist with ongoing risk management.
  4. Check to ensure the measures in place to control the release of blocked products is robust to ensure impact of contamination incidents is limited.

The exact contents of the review depends upon the incident and the client’s requirements.

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