Product Recall Incident Support

Product recall incident support and advice from our expert consultants

RQA will provide an expert consultant to manufacturers who are facing a possible product recall or withdrawal situation.  We will provide any support that is necessary in order to help you get through the potential crisis situation by helping you to understand the scale and severity of the issue, defining the regulatory compliance, and then assisting you in developing an action plan and executing any necessary market action.

In our experience, some clients like to have external experts to act as a sounding board and to challenge the already developed approach, others need help in a specific area and others are inexperienced or unprepared and need maximum guidance and support.  RQA will cover this range of client support requirements.

The specifics of all responses will be different, but will include some of the following:

  • investigation work to understand the cause of a contamination or product fault
  • assess suppliers who may be involved in contamination
  • root cause analysis / FMEA
  • risk assessment methodologies (e.g. RAPEX) 
  • reviewing action so far and discussing possible next steps
  • set up call centre capability to provide information to consumers in response to major public recall
  • identify the requirements for, and arrange laboratory testing to bracket the product involved in the incident
  • advice on traceability to narrow recall scope
  • development of action plans and crisis capability
  • collection of suspected contaminated product from consumers
  • advice on communicating the incident to the stakeholders and recall execution
  • development of crisis communication strategy
  • withdrawal of products from stores 
  • assistance in organising destruction of recalled products

Whether you require detailed support or just want to check your plan of action with a product recall specialist, please give us a call on +44 (0)118 935 7242 or for general enquiries email us on  We are also happy to work with law firms and insurers who have clients in need of specialist recall support.