Internal Auditor Training Course

Internal Auditor Training
Course Overview

• An introduction to quality assurance & quality
• The internal audit requirements of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
• Audit planning & preparation
• Audit performance & auditing techniques
• Audit reports
• Corrective action
• Audit documentation
• Live practical audits of the company’s quality system & procedures
• Review of findings

Who should attend?

• All personnel required to manage or perform internal quality audits
• From 4 – 12 delegates per course

Benefits to your organisation

• To ensure compliance with the Internal Audit requirements of BRC (Clauses to 3.4.1 – 3.4.3)
• To enable course members to effectively plan & perform internal quality audits
• To provide course members with a knowledge and understanding of the principles &
practices of internal auditing

Course Duration

• 2 days (14 hours) – note: course duration is dependant upon number of delegates on the
course. Time is allocated for each delegate to carry out an internal audit that is shadowed
by the trainer.
• Usually 2 – 4 hours classroom based with live observations of audits thereafter

This course is normally delivered on-site and ‘in-house’.

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