Auditor Training

The quality management courses offered by RQA enable course members to effectively plan and perform HACCP, Internal, and Supplier audits to comply with relevant standards such as the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Meeting the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety requires that Internal Audits are carried out by “appropriately trained competent Auditors”. RQA has developed a course that enables you to meet this requirement as well as the wider benefit of ensuring you have a robust and improved quality system ongoing .

Each of the three auditing courses (Internal auditing, HACCP auditing and Supplier auditing) start with a classroom style session that covers fundamentals, techniques and examples. Each delegate will then individually carry out a part of an audit whilst being shadowed by the RQA trainer. Afterwards a training record is compiled for each individual highlighting their strengths and areas to develop with respect to internal auditing. Finally, a certificate is provided for inclusion in their training file.


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