EC Alert & Cooperation Network – Annual Report 2022 out now

The Alert and Cooperation Network (ACN) consists of the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed network (RASFF), the Administrative Assistance and Cooperation system network (AAC) and the Agri-Food Fraud Network (FFN).

Since 2021, notifications concerning the three networks are transmitted through a unique online platform, iRASFF, to enable a smooth exchange of information between European Union Member States’ competent authorities and to facilitate their cooperation.

Their annual report has just been published and the key takeaways we have identified are:

  1. In 2022, the AAC and the FFN registered the highest number of notifications ever transmitted for these two networks.
  2. For RASFF, 2022 was second highest ever, after 2021, in terms of the number of original notifications circulated (2021 was exceptionally high due to the ethylene oxide issue)
  3. Among the 4361 RASFF notifications registered in 2022, 3904 concerned food, 234 feed and 219 food contact material
  4. Pesticide residues were the most notified issue in RASFF (990 notifications), Pathogenic microorganisms were second (857 notifications) and mycotoxins were third (485 notifications with a 10.5% increase compared to 2021)
  5. The number of FFN notifications, relating to potential fraud, reached a total of 600, with a significant increase compared to 2021 (407)
  6. Honey and royal jelly (15.7% of the total cases) was the most reported category suspected of being fraudulent
  7. Suspicions on meat and meat products (other than poultry) and fish and fish products each represent 7.7% of the notifications

For the full annual report and more information on the Alert & Cooperation Network click below


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