RAPEX Risk Assessment Training

Would you know how to assess the risks your product poses to a consumer in the event of a product fault? As part of your recall decision making process the RAPEX risk assessment is a tool that can help you decide whether to recall or not. The methodology is in European legislation and considered best practice for risk assessment.
RAPEX Risk Assessment Training Overview
  • What is the RAPEX risk assessment?
  • Aims of the risk assessment
  • When to use it
  • Hazard identification
  • Levels of severity of potential harm / illness / damage
  • Developing injury scenarios
  • Determining probabilities for the steps in injury scenario
  • Calculating the overall risk level
  • Courses of action relating to risk level
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Sense checking the result
  • Company-specific worked examples 
Who should attend?
  • Anyone involved in the product recall decision making process for a non-food incident.
  • From 4 – 12 delegates per course
Benefits to your organisation
  • Better management of product  incidents
  • Will help you make informed decisions about whether to recall or not
  • Ability to further develop & improve your recall plans
Course Duration

Typically 1/2 day

This course can be delivered remotely or safely on your site subject to local coronavirus guidelines and policies.

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