Services for Product Liability Underwriters

RQA can offer expert advice and services to underwriters of product liability including:

Desk top reviews and risk advice

RQA consultants write many confidential reports for underwriters.  A few examples of risk reports we have been asked to complete include:

      • Review of a supplier of products to the oil & gas with respect to product liability insurance cover
      • Tier 2 automotive component supplier
      • Frozen fish processor
      • A Manufacturer of cordless electrical items
      • Power packs and electrical components
      • Glass manufacturer
      • General industry risk report for lithium ion batteries, components and their applications in Asia
      • White goods, electrical and the supply chain risks
      • Various pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers

Product liability surveys

Purpose of product liability survey:

      • To provide an assessment of risk to assist product liability underwriter
      • To identify areas of risk that should be reduced
      • To collect relevant information and data about the insured’s business
      • To validate information received by underwriter
      • Aim to schedule survey within 4 weeks of request and have report issued within 2 weeks of visit.

The survey comprises the following sections and can be customised to specific insurer requirements:

      • Company details
      • Products insured “what are they and what are their applications?”
      • Components / finished products / product life
      • Sales volumes and markets (US exposure?)
      • New product development, prototypes, samples, testing
      • Who makes, designs, packs?
      • Procurement (supplier selection, liability cover?)
      • Hold harmless, limit of liability in contracts
      • Quality management systems, risk management, loss prevention
      • Packaging and labelling
      • Claims, incidents, accidents and complaints
      • Training
      • Traceability and product recall

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