Services for Product Recall Underwriters


RQA can offer expert advice and services to underwriters of product recall including:
  • Desktop Reviews and Risk Advice
  • Pre-incident Risk Management Consultancy and Training
  • Product Recall Incident Support

See below for more information on each of these services…….

  1. Desktop reviews and risk advice

RQA consultants write many confidential reports for underwriters.  A few examples include:

  • Best practice in metal detection to minimise the risk of recall due to foreign body contamination
  • Assessment of specific food categories and their recall risk and key recall prevention strategies
  • The efficacy of novel processing techniques in eliminating pathogens and reducing contamination
  • Risk assessment report on effectiveness of a company’s systems in preventing contamination and product recall
  • Approaches processors should take to control the risk of salmonella in eggs
  • The effectiveness of tier 2 and 3 automotive suppliers in managing their supplier to reduce component failure
  • Defining risk levels related to product recall for food and non-food products, ingredients and components

We have advised on the most appropriate questions to include in the product recall insurance application form; focusing the forms to ensure the right questions are asked in as concise a manner as possible.

We have advised on sector-specific product recall insurance application forms.

  1. Pre-incident risk management consultancy and training

Underwriters will direct risk management budgets to RQA services to focus on improving insureds systems and procedures; this often follows a recall claim and RQA will help the company to improve their systems and prevent a repeat recall.

Examples include:

  • Following a recall caused by a contaminated ingredient from a high risk supplier RQA were asked by the product recall insurer to assess procurement management systems to evaluate the effectiveness of supplier approval procedures and ensure only approved supplier can be used. The objective was to reduce contamination from incoming ingredients.
  • RQA visited multiple sites within the same company to investigate foreign body contamination risks and ensure the same procedures and controls are adopted across all sites within the business. This followed a product recall due to metal fragments in food and the work was funded by the recall insurer.

RQA has a full range of services to assist companies in reducing the risk of product recall as well as improving their capability in management of recall.  Click here for more.

  1. Product Recall Incident support

A major service for our insurance clients is to provide incident support to companies who have contamination or product recall insurance.

RQA will provide a consultant to respond to an insured’s incident upon notification through the dedicated incident line.  We will provide any support that is necessary in order to help the insured get through the potential crisis situation by helping them to understand the scale and severity of the issue, defining the regulatory compliance, and then assisting them in developing an action plan and executing any necessary market action.

RQA advises on many product fault or product recall incidents, a few example include

  • Glass in food
  • Faulty electrical equipment
  • Reports of injuries caused by a wide range of consumer goods
  • Chemical contamination of products
  • Under-performing industrial equipment
  • Consumer complaints with mobile phone accessories
  • and many, many more…

In our experience, some insureds like to have external experts to act as a sounding board and to challenge the already developed approach, others need help in a specific area and others are inexperienced or unprepared and need maximum guidance and support.  RQA can cover this range of client support requirements.

Of course, the specifics of all responses are different, but many include some of the following:

  • investigation work to understand the cause of a contamination or product fault
  • analysis of the contaminant or unknown material
  • visit suppliers who may be involved in contamination
  • root cause analysis / FMEA
  • risk assessment methodologies
  • advice on communicating the incident to the stakeholders and recall execution
  • development of crisis communication strategy
  • reviewing action so far and discussing possible next steps
  • set up call centre capability to provide information to consumers in response to major public recall
  • advice on traceability to narrow recall scope
  • development of action plans and crisis capability
  • collection of suspected contaminated product from consumers
  • involvement of specialists in malicious tampering / extortion cases
  • withdrawal of products from stores

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