Consultancy and expert witness services to lawyers using our experience of product recalls and product incidents

RQA consultants will provide wide ranging consultancy to lawyers with respect to a product liability suit or insurance related claim by drawing on our extensive practical experience of product recalls and product fault incidents all over the globe.

Working with clients directly or via legal counsel we provide expert opinion in support of various elements of a product liability defence or claim.

This may be in the form of:
  • Best practice on managing a product fault or product recall
    • What was known at the time and what is known now and comparing with industry standards
    • Determining whether the product was used improperly
    • RAPEX risk assessment
    • Failure mode & effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Opinion on the client’s position in the supply chain and resulting responsibilities
  • Independent assessment of the implementation of quality standards during manufacturing
  • The client’s influence on the finished product design / manufacture
  • Comprehensiveness of the quality management within R&D of suppliers and customers
  • Opinion on the thoroughness of testing regimes
Consultancy to lawyers for product liability suits or insurance claim with our experience of product recalls and product fault incidents