RQA Experts Assist Specialist Energy Underwriters

RQA’s expert consultants have many years’ experience as insurance buyers and in corporate risk in the upstream energy sector.  Our work involves advising underwriters of businesses within the energy sector across a comprehensive range of insurance lines including property, liability, D&O, Operators Extra Expense (OEE), and Contractors’ All Risks (CAR).

Our consultants help underwriters to ask the best questions about a company’s ERM structure, and provide useful, practical responses.  Essentially, we help to show what lies behind the information provided in market presentations and submissions.

We provide an in-depth knowledge of the current economics of the energy industry, business outlook, and the consequences on major players in the field.  We aim to add value in the underwriting process by bringing a broader perspective on the actual exposures faced.

We can also advise on the insurance for big projects or JVs where there will be detailed internal corporate capex requests and appraisal and, a full risk assessment.  We can cut through the detail and provide clarity on what are the principal risks assessed or mitigation strategies.  What the exact legal and contractual indemnity terms were and what would be likely to happen in reality once political and market risks were factored in (i.e. in the event of catastrophic risk X, who does what to mitigate it, and who pays if it occurs).

We provide risk reports and are available for telephone consultation.

For more information get in touch with us on contact@rqa-group.com or call us on +44(0)118 935 7242

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