Expert Assistance for Property Insurers – BCP and ERM

RQA’s consultants advise insured companies on all aspects on business continuity planning and enterprise risk management, a key element in risk mitigation for property insurance.  This work is often undertaken as part of a risk management budget provided by insurers.  We provide consultancy to many industrial sectors including product manufacturers, financial services companies, educational establishments and the energy sector.

Our specialist consultants will work with the insured company to develop their business continuity plans including effective procedures for specific crisis types, e.g. flood, fire, loss of a key supplier, IT failure, fatal accident, catastrophic loss of utility, mass absenteeism, etc. The RQA consultant will spend time with individuals within the company to best understand the issues and current plans (if any); looking for best practice as well as gaps to fill. The consultant will then remotely start to develop the business continuity plans whilst keeping in regular contact with the appointed contact person within the insured and arranging follow up meetings as required.

Our consultant will work with the company to develop a risk profile, business impact analysis, critical systems, suppliers, equipment etc. and associated maximum allowable disruption. This will identify specific processes, equipment or business functions that would cause significant business continuity issues if they failed or did not perform as expected. Factors such as down time impact, ability to replace, outsourcing, related timescales and costs will be included in the plan.

Once a draft business continuity plan is completed the RQA consultant will send it to you the company for review. The consultant will also highlight areas that need additional attention and data / information. After further discussion, the business continuity plan will be finalised.

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