Expert consultancy services to the insurance industry

RQA Group provides expert services to the insurance industry including, underwriters of product recall, product liability, energy and property, as well as insurance brokers, claims teams and their policy holders.

We have built an excellent reputation over many years as experienced product recall consultants and are very well known throughout the international product recall and product liability insurance markets.

We also have expert consultants with vast industry experience in the upstream energy sector who can assist underwriters in evaluating the risks thanks to their experience as insurance buyers and risk managers. In the property insurance market we are well positioned to assist insured companies with their business continuity planning and enterprise risk management.

“Service to our insureds has improved considerably since we have partnered with RQA as our product recall crisis consultant. Immediate and efficient responses are a great comfort to companies in crisis and our partners at RQA provide our insureds exactly that!”

Louis Lubrano
President, Berkley Global Product Recall
Expert product recall consultancy services to the insurance industry