Extortion & Malicious Tampering Threats


The following is provided in brief, please contact RQA for more details to discuss your specific requirements in confidence.

RQA has specialist consultants who can advise your company if you face an extortion or malicious tampering threat.  For example, you receive a threatening letter, email or phone call.  There are many elements to understand the best approach for your company and our consultants can guide you through all the steps.  This will include assessing the risk and advising on what to do, what not to do and a communication strategy.  If you face such a threat, contact us immediately on +44 (0)118 935 7242 or email contact@rqa-group.com

Who are RQA’s expert consultants?

Our specialists have practical experience in managing malicious product tampering and corporate extortion threats including advising on prevention and response, setting up crisis management structures in corporate environments, conducting crisis management exercises and wider crisis response events.  Our consultants are experienced in working closely with board-level directors in major companies, insurers, entrepreneurs, law enforcement and other governmental institutions.

Development of standard, company-wide guidelines

The RQA consultant assigned to you will review any existing company procedures relevant to this area and develop best practice, company-wide guidelines for handling suspicious or threatening mail, emails and phone calls.  In addition the guidance will include handling threats (including letters and packages) from other sources e.g. disgruntled employees / customers, activists etc.

Managing extortion and malicious tampering threats – Workshop

Once the guidelines have been developed, it is important to train crisis team members and we will develop customised workshops that typically include the following:

Explanation of best practice and overview of the new guidelines incorporating case studies for the attendees to work through.  Briefing on handling threatening communications, indicators (for letters and packages), actions to take if threatening communications are received.