Foreign Body Assessment

The RQA Foreign Body Assessment is designed to challenge food manufacturers in the management and control of physical contamination risks e.g. glass, metal, wood

Foreign Body Assessment Overview

The RQA consultant would carry out an on-site survey to focus on the risks of foreign body contamination and discuss with the relevant people on your site how best to manage these and any updates that are needed to your HACCP plans.  In advance, the RQA consultant will familiarise themselves with the client’s HACCP, foreign body control and related procedures.

The survey itself will include reviewing foreign body controls in areas such as:

  • HACCP plans
  • Maintenance processes and records including sign-off for restart
  • Training of operational personnel and engineers in the risks of foreign body contamination
  • Metal detection, sieves, filters, X-ray
  • Packaging
  • Malicious threat
  • Building debris
  • Pest control
  • Complaints trends
  • Plastic, glass, wood & card
  • Waste
  • Brushes and utensils
  • Internal audit programme

Many of these areas are addressed in retailers’ and other audits but this assessment is specifically focused on these risks and on identifying gaps in physical contamination controls.  The consultant will provide advice on best practice improvements where the opportunity arises and provide a report summarising findings and recommendations.

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