Vince Shiers Ph.DManaging Director

Vince Shiers Ph.D - Managing Director RQA Group

Vince Shiers is leader of the global RQA Group business.  Since 2003 he has run the RQA Group business including developing our global network of expert consultants.  Vince is regularly invited to speak on crisis management and product recall and is an occasional contributor to the media (including the BBC) on these topics.

Vince has a degree and PhD in Chemistry and has spent over 25 years providing expert consultancy and training services to the food and consumer products industry. Vince spends much of his time developing the network of expert RQA consultants around the world.  He has recruited personnel in Europe, Africa, Middle East, USA and Asia Pacific. He regularly advises companies during product recall incidents; has been an invited speaker on product recall at meetings around Europe; and has acted as an expert witness on product recall at the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Vince has set up comprehensive consultancy programmes for product recall and product liability insurers. He has also advised insurers on policy wording, triggers, exclusions and risk levels as well as policy marketing strategy.

As well as managing the business, Vince has developed many bespoke crisis management training courses and complex crisis incident simulations. 

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