Services for Insurance Brokers

If you have a client who has contaminated products / product recall insurance, we would be happy to discuss with you how we may be able to assist.
For example, we can:
  • help your client to develop a product recall plan
  • advise on food security as part of the malicious product tampering element of the insurance
  • carry out product recall simulations
  • provide advice on business continuity

In fact, we provide a full range of product recall consultancy services as part of a risk management programme. Often product recall insurers will allocate funding towards risk management services provided by consultants and this may be available to your client for RQA services.

You may find it useful to have one of our product recall consultants attend a meeting with your client in order to have a technical discussion about food or product safety and product recall risks.

For details on all our product recall consultancy services, please click here or contact us to discuss further. Tel: +44(0)118 935 7242.

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