Anti-Counterfeit & Brand Protection Services


Counterfeiting now costs the global economies $1.8 trillion a year and there is a booming market online for counterfeit goods.  Now is the time to understand what your brand’s exposure is to this threat and put measures in place to protect your brand.

RQA have a highly experienced global network of specialist consultants and investigators who can assist companies in assessing the risk of counterfeiting to their products and advise on anti-counterfeiting strategies and assist with the response to a counterfeit incident.  We also have field personnel to carry out market sweeps in counterfeit hotspots, pick up complaint samples and assist with removal of product as part of a targeted recall action.

RQA, Inc. is an Investigative Firm Member of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition and our consultants have operated in, and had successful convictions in, 80 countries.

Services include:

  • Brand Protection Risk assessment – identifying brands within your product range that could be a target and assessing how vulnerable they are to counterfeiting
  • Anti-Counterfeiting strategy – developing an anti-counterfeiting strategy that supports your brand protection programme by:
    • Recommending appropriate overt and covert security marks on the packaging
    • Assessing and developing strategies to protect the supply chain
    • Developing a contingency plan which lays out the steps to be taken in the event of a counterfeiting incident
  • Supply chain checks – visiting various points in your supply chain including warehouses and distribution centres to assess your product at each stage and identify if any counterfeit product is evident
  • Manufacturing checks – identify counterfeit risks in manufacturing locations, e.g. label control, security etc.
  • Consumer collection – arrange for the collection of a suspected counterfeit product from the consumer following a consumer complaint.
  • Market sweep – visit a small sample (e.g. 50 stores) in a counterfeit hotspot following complaints.
  • Large scale retailer checks – visiting hundreds or thousands of stores checking product on the shelves within retailers for counterfeit product and removing non-genuine product
  • Forensic investigation – tracking the counterfeit goods back through the supply chain to investigate who is distributing it and where the fake goods are being manufactured
  • Incident support – 24/7 incident support offering advice, support and field action if you suspect that your brand is a victim of a counterfeiting issue
  • Returned stock – assessing stock that has come back into the warehouse following an incident to filter out counterfeit product so that good stock can be sold and counterfeit goods are destroyed securely

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