Internal and Supplier Auditing

RQA can audit your facilities, to ensure they meet your own, or your customers, standards. These could be, for example, HACCP or Food Safety audits for food manufacturers, or quality management audits for non-food environments.

From these audits you can build up a picture of the risk profile at each facility and whether any risk improvement spend is required to bring them up to standard and mitigate the risks to your business.

RQA can also offer supplier auditing services, benchmarking your suppliers production facilities against your own standards, or your chosen quality auditing standard. This allows you to understand the risks faced by an existing or potential supplier, be they a supplier of finished product, ingredients or components, and evaluate if they pose any threat to your brand reputation or business continuity.

We also offer to manage your internal and supplier auditing programme, providing you with reporting on each of the sites in your supply chain. This allows you to view when a site last had an audit, the result of that audit and any risk improvements needed. This enables risk managers to have a full picture of the risks faced across their entire supply chain, looking for potential pinch points which might threaten to interrupt business or cause a potential product related incident which could damage your brand.


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