UK Government Publishes “Consumer Attitudes to Product Safety” Report

The UK Government have published a report looking to “explore consumers’ attitudes and behaviours in relation to product safety, their awareness of the product safety system and their assumptions regarding the role of different actors within it.” We have reviewed the report and below are our key takeaways from it:

Registering a product enables a manufacturer or retailer to contact a consumer if they have purchased a product that is subsequently the subject of a product recall.  However, product registration by consumers is very low, resulting in often very low recall return rates.  According to the report, “of all the UK consumers surveyed, 14% indicated that they always register their products.”  The percentage who recently purchased a product and registered it varied by product type; with 53% of purchasers of white goods and 2% of purchasers of toys registering their product.  The report suggests that the reasons for registering a product post-purchase were to validate the warranty (83%).  Only 16% said that it was so the manufacturer could let them know if there was a problem with the product.  This highlights the challenges of product manufacturers, importers and retailers in getting the recall message to those who have a dangerous product in their possession.

Another very interesting finding was that 62% of consumers identified manufacturers as the party they would trust most to provide them with product safety information.  Retailers were at 36%, the government at 19% and social media at 11%.  This highlights the key role manufacturers play in not just producing safe products and accurate instructions, but also ensuring product recalls are executed effectively.

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Click here to download the full report.