RQA MD Features in New Supply Chain Risk Management Book

John Manners Bell invited Vince Shiers, Managing Director of RQA Group, to contribute to sections on food supply chain vulnerability in his book, Supply Chain Risk Management (2nd Ed).  John’s book which has just been published includes many topics relevant to supply chain risk of any industry.  Key topics include: supply chain resilience, focus on threats to specific industry sectors, the impact of natural disasters, pandemics and climate change, economic risks, societal risks, corruption in logistics, cargo crime, piracy, political risks, terrorism and illicit trading.  The book is packed with real case study examples of supply chain incidents with clear decryptions of the direct and wider impacts.  John also provides insight to help companies to better understand their supply chain risks whilst describing learnings for improved resilience.

The book is available to purchase from here

John Manners Bell is the Chief Executive of Transport Intelligence, one of the world’s leading providers of expert research and analysis dedicated to the global logistics industry.  He is also Chair of the “Logistics & Supply Chain Industry Global Agenda Council” for the World Economic Forum and Honorary Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University.