Remote / Virtual Services

During the current pandemic situation, travel and the on-site delivery of consultancy, training and auditing has been severely restricted. Companies are struggling to balance their need to meet expected standards for staff training and regular auditing of suppliers and their own sites, with the need to protect their staff and ensure business continuity. RQA are able to offer all of our services remotely, allowing businesses to meet their obligations, train their staff, get recall ready and continue to ensure quality and safety of their products throughout the supply chain.

Remote / Virtual Training

All of our training courses can be delivered remotely or virtually and have been adapted to suit online delivery. The course is broken up into maximum 2hr sessions, we have included interactive elements such as exercises and polls and, we make use of features such as break-out rooms, all to maximise learning in this delivery format. We can also deliver our realistic and challenging scenario-based recall and crisis simulation exercises remotely.

Courses include:

Please get in touch to discuss these or any other course you would like delivered remotely for your business on or call +44 (0)118 935 7242.

Remote / Virtual Consultancy

As well as being available for telephone or video consultation on our key areas of expertise, we can also offer desktop reviews, updates to, or creation of:

  • Product Recall plans
  • Crisis Management plans
  • Business Continuity plans
  • Food Defence, TACCP & VACCP plans
  • Supply Chain Risk Management plans

Our expert consultants will review your plans, benchmarking them against industry best practice and also using our extensive knowledge and experience in these areas. Thus, ensuring they are practical and useful documents that can be put into action in a crisis. They will provide feedback in a report for you to action, or we can update them for you, delivering the plans back to you for your review and sign off. If you don’t have a plan, working closely with you and your key stakeholders we can create a plan to suit your business. It is important that this is not a templated, box-checking exercise and the plans are understood and have input from the business.

For more on how we can help your business remotely get in touch on or call +44 (0)118 935 7242, or use our chat function in the bottom right of your screen.

Remote / Virtual Auditing

Obviously during the pandemic, travel has been an issue and therefore it has been very difficult to audit your own sites, suppliers’ sites and your logistics partners’ sites. We have a global network of auditors who may be able to travel within their own country or region to the site that needs auditing and perform the audit to an applicable global, or your own, standard. If not, we also offer a remote auditing service, more on which you can find by clicking here.

If you are limiting external visitors to your sites and would prefer your own employees to audit your local facilities or suppliers we can also train your people to carry out audits. Click here for more on our auditor training

Get in touch if you would like to check if we can audit a site on your behalf in person or remotely, or want to know more about our auditor training via email on or call us on +44(0)118 935 7242.