Retail Shelf Life Studies

Do you know how old your products are on retail shelves?  Are they nearing the end of their shelf life or even out of date?

To carry out shelf life studies, RQA Field Representatives visit a range of store types across several cities or countries and record the best before/use-by dates. We can then create the age profile of your products on shelf. This can provide valuable sales information as well as identifying bottle-necks in your distribution chain or poor stock rotation at retail. While we are in store, we can collect additional data for you such as damage to packaging, absence of batch coding, quantity of products on the shelves as well as similar information on your competitors’ products.

Case Study:

A global snack food manufacturer asked RQA to carry out a shelf-life study of their products in Asia. RQA Field Representatives visited stores of varying sizes in several countries and collated data on the age of the product, the quantity of products available, the cleanliness of the shelves and whether the stores were air conditioned. Samples of the products were also purchased and sent to the client. This enabled the client to identify points within distribution where product took overly long to reach retail. The age data also enabled the client to focus additional sales effort and merchandising in areas where the product was poorly presented, and turnover was low. The final report provided to the client was also the first time they had received a comprehensive independent overview of how their products were presented on sale across a number of markets.

Retail Shelf Life Studies

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