Retail Quality Audits

Would a damaged pack deter a consumer from buying your product and buy a competitor product instead? Perhaps your products pass their quality checks when leaving the factory but get damaged in distribution and retail.  Do you know whether the lot code is still visible on your products at retail or the age of products on shelf? Have you carried out these studies in new and remote markets?

We will tell you what your consumer sees through our Retail Quality Audit service. We have carried out these projects all over the world; in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific.

These projects may be called retail quality audits, on-shelf assessments, or product quality studies but they all aim to provide you with the same information; how your product is presented to your customers when they visit their local store.

RQA field representatives carry out retail quality audits visiting multiple stores across different countries and continents to check the quality of your products on-shelf.  Using a pre-agreed list of potential defects and company quality standards our reps can gather information about your products as they’re seen by the consumer in-store. RQA can also use their own bespoke proprietary smart phone app to collect the data for maximum accuracy and cost effectiveness.

The size of the project is up to you; whether you just want to check your products in a few stores or a few hundred stores, RQA can help. We will provide you with the data collected and a report highlighting findings and any areas of concern in your supply chain.

Case Study

A global alcoholic beverage company asked RQA to carry out a Retail Quality Audit in Asia. We used a quality standard to identify defects developed by RQA Group and approved by the client to then carry out assessments in hundreds of stores in multiple cities across several countries. Our network of trained field representatives assessed a number of the client’s brands and some of their competitors’. We recorded all quality defects to determine whether the products had suffered damage in distribution and at retail. A report was produced highlighting key findings and indicating the most common defects, patterns of defects within specific brands or distribution routes and the products, retailers and countries with the most defects. Photographs were taken of all defects. This enabled our client to investigate issues within the supply chain and target their efforts on reducing packaging and appearance defects in specific areas.

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