Delivering RQA’s on-site services safely

As the pandemic moves into the next phase and we are seeing restrictions eased globally, we are returning to on-site delivery of our services at the request of our clients. Of course, in these difficult times, we are putting the safety of our clients and consultants first and have put in place the following measures to ensure this.

If an RQA consultant, trainer or auditor is due to visit your office or site, we will contact you in advance to ensure all risks are mitigated before the visit.  Our personnel will wear a face mask or face visor and any other necessary PPE as required whilst with you, and will exercise appropriate social distancing. We ask that your staff also adhere to social distancing measures and wear face coverings where required. When visiting you, our personnel will not have any symptoms of COVID-19, will not shake hands on arrival, are happy to have their temperature checked via non-contact method, will wash hands frequently and use hand sanitiser or gloves as required.

We understand the COVID-19 guidelines differ in each country and that each company has their own policy.  Therefore we will comply with the guidelines provided by the business we are visiting and will discuss specifics relating to the following:

  • Room capacity – for a training course or consultancy visit, we discuss how many people can comfortably fit into your meeting / training room so that training can be delivered without risk. You will already have covered this in your site / office risk assessment.
  • Social distancing – you will already have procedures in place to enable social distancing and our consultants will strictly adhere to this.
  • PPE requirements – Our consultants can wear the required PPE (e.g. face masks, full face visor, gloves etc.) to meet your requirements.
  • Compliance with client’s risk assessment – your risk assessment will already have considered visitors and so we will discuss any specific requirements you have to enable the visit to go ahead safely.
  • Travel arrangements, hotel availability etc.

Please let us know if you have other specific requirements or concerns.

These measures enable us to continue our work, helping you with your product safety, risk and crisis management.


Get in touch to discuss arrangements for your next training, consultancy or audit on or call us on +44 (0)118 935 7242