Worried about your BRC certificate expiring while travel is restricted?

RQA can help you through the process of self-assessment which can ensure your BRC certification does not lapse whilst travel is heavily restricted.  Our expert consultants include registered BRCGS Consultants and Professionals.

BRC have a system of self-assessment followed by remote audits to ensure certification can continue even when travel bans are in place, or when site visitor policies justifiably prohibit visitors to site. 

In short the process is as follows:

    1. BRC certified site contacts their certification body (CB) and requests a remote audit. You will need to provide updated visitor and travel policy. (We can assist with visitor policies)
    2. The site carries out a BRCGS self-assessment “internal audit”.  This must be completed at least 42 days (preferably more) before your certification expiry date.*  
    3. Self-assessment submitted to CB (not all corrective actions need to be completed at this stage)
    4. Agree a date for the remote audit with your CB within your audit window
    5. CB verifies the self-assessment audit during a remote audit

Note: The site must have the ability to accept a remote audit by the CB i.e. internet and video capability.

*Where we can help is with point 2 in the process. RQA consultants can do some or all of this step for you.  We can save you time and resource, by carrying out your full self-assessment or just the document review element (without the site review).

Contact us to discuss your BRC certification issues on +44 (0)118 935 7242 or email contact@rqa-group.com 

There are so many things going on at the moment, we are here to help. Visit our dedicated page here to find out more about how we can support you through these difficult times. 

For more information on BRCGS’s statement on Covid-19 and self-assessment click here