Unusual Recalls

Below you will find our round up of the weird and wonderful recalls we have come across recently:

Lethal fish makes it through to consumers:

A Japanese city had to issue an emergency warning to consumers to prevent people from consuming a type of pufferfish known as Fugu after poisonous parts of the fish were sold by mistake.          https://www.theguardian.com/science/blog/2018/jan/17/tetrodotoxin-the-poison-behind-the-japanese-pufferfish-fugu-scare

A really offal recall … ?

An Asda customer made a grim discovery in their cooked chicken, initially thinking they’d found rotten meat only to be told that it was something much worse.

Toxic Waste bubble gum recalled because it’s … well toxic: 

A type of bubble gum sold under the name Toxic Waste was recalled after the FDA found unsafe levels of lead: