UK Government Publishes Product Recall Effectiveness Report

The UK Government’s Office for Product Safety and Standards has published a report entitled ‘Insights into Product Recall Effectiveness, as part of their drive to try and increase awareness of product recalls in the UK. The report summaries findings from consumer panel experiments carried out to understand consumers’ reactions to product recalls and product recall messages.  The purpose was to increase the effectiveness of product recall action to ensure risk to consumers who have faulty products in their possession is reduced.  The report identifies two key findings in relation to recall messaging:

  • “…clear instructions on recall messages for what the customer had to do next in bullet points resulted in respondents indicating that they would respond to the notice quicker than the other messages”.
  • “…including the word ‘voluntary’ in the message meant that survey respondents thought there was less risk in continued use of the affected product”.

The report does not identify any real breakthrough in how to increase recall effectiveness, but says that further studies are required.

Click here to access the full report.

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