Food Defence, TACCP, and Vulnerability Assessment Training

Our Food Defence, TACCP and Vulnerability Assessment training course covers the requirements of the BRC and other major retailers and food manufacturers.

Due to the highly confidential nature of this topic, RQA’s Food Defence, TACCP, and Vulnerability Assessment training courses are held at your site. We do not recommend public courses for this topic. This ensures the Food Defence, TACCP, and Vulnerability Assessment training focuses solely on your business and discussions can be fully open to maximise effectiveness and team learning. An in-house course for your entire team can cost the same as sending only 2 or 3 delegates to an open course.

Malicious tampering, whether internal or external is a threat to food and beverage manufacturing, processing, packaging and distribution companies; and food fraud risks and supply chain vulnerabilities must also be considered.

RQA’s Food Defence, TACCP and Vulnerability Assessment training is targeted at all members of the food defence team including those responsible for developing and maintaining a food defence plan. Our course also covers the vulnerability assessment as required by BRC 8 to consider all relevant elements of food fraud. The course has its foundations in PAS96 (2014) Defending Food and Drink and other official guidance from around the world and contains the following elements:

  • Terminology
  • Types of threat
  • Products at risk
  • Why target us?
  • Food Defence
  • Start working on your:
    • Food Defence Plan
    • Threat Assessment and TACCP
    • Supply Chain Vulnerability
  • Worked examples for your business

Discussions focus on your business, operations and supply chain.

Certificates of completion will be provided to all personnel who attend.
Simulation exercises based on food defence threats can also be organised.

RQA can also deliver training or prepare training materials to cover food defence issues, targeted at personnel not in the Food Defence Team.  This ensures all personnel are aware of food defence issues but they are presented as good operational practices rather than a guide to contamination threats.

This course can either be delivered safely on your own site, or we can deliver it remotely.

To discuss your Food Defence training needs get in touch on or call us on +44(0)118 935 7242