RQA Launch Remote Auditing Service

During the current coronavirus pandemic, travel and site access are obviously, and quite correctly, being severely restricted. However, business has to go on and companies still need to produce safe products, and verify their own sites, suppliers and distribution network. With this in mind we have launched a remote auditing service, allowing our expert consultants to assist companies via email and video calls.

The key points of this service are below:

  • Audits are a key to maintaining quality and safety in the supply chain but they have virtually stopped
  • RQA has a global network of highly experienced auditors and we can carry out remote audits around the world
  • One of our expert auditors will be in direct contact with your site representative via voice and video
  • Our auditor is taken on a virtual site tour, we ask the questions of the operators, and we see images of records
  • We are provided with a site plan prior to the audit and we select the route around the site
  • We review documentation that is sent via email or made available via dropbox or similar (e.g. virtual data-room)
  • We can do remote audits of your suppliers, your sites, distribution centres
  • Our global network of consultants and auditors cover several languages
  • Remote gap audits to GFSI (BRC, SQF etc) GMP, FDA, EMA or to your own standard
  • RQA can carry out these remote audits for food, drink, consumer products, automotive component  pharma, & medical device manufacturers
  • Other virtual audits include foreign body assessments or food defence assessments
  • Written report to follow promptly

For more on this service or to arrange your remote audit contact us on +44 (0)118 935 7242 or email contact@rqa-group.com 

We have a dedicated page for other Coronavirus Support Services here