RASFF Annual Report 2018 Published

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) annual report for 2018 has just been published and a total of 3699 original notifications were transmitted through RASFF, of which 1118 were classified as alerts, indicating a serious health risk.

Here are our key takeaways on these numbers:

  • Number of original notifications down by 4% on 2017
  • But, the number of alert notifications rose by 19%
  • The country with the most original notifications is The Netherlands and a high number of aflatoxin notifications seem to be behind this
  • Pathogenic micro-organisms triggered the most alerts at 349, up 16% on 2017, salmonella being the most common pathogen
  • Allergens were also on the rise with 158 alerts, up 36% on 2017
  • Similarly, Foreign Body related alerts were up on 2017 by 38% at 106
  • Interestingly, Mycotoxins were the key trigger of notifications from non-member countries, with pathogenic micro-organisms second
  • The key product category triggering the most alerts was fruit and vegetables, surprisingly followed by dietetic foods, food supplements & fortified foods. In 2017, fish and fish products had the most alerts, with poultry meats second, so quite a significant change in 2018.

Click here to download the full report RASFF_annual_report_2018

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