Plan for the Future (now)

For several months now companies have been operating in very challenging conditions under lockdown.  In many countries these restrictions are slowly starting to ease.  As mentioned in our recent article, before the pandemic is fully over, “there is a potentially long transition phase. It is therefore time to stop reacting to the pandemic crisis and start managing operations in a new way to fit the ongoing circumstances”.  The first step of this is playing “catchup”.

Many companies have had to put their training programmes on hold, almost all auditing of manufacturing sites and laboratories has ceased, and ongoing consultancy on crisis management resilience has focused on the pandemic at the possible expense of all other issues.  Different countries of the world will emerge from lockdown at different times and your planning needs to reflect that.  For example, in some countries on site training, auditing and consultancy may restart within weeks, whilst in others it will be much later in the year.  RQA has already seen significant increase in demand for our services from September in some countries but as early as June in others.  By planning work with RQA now, we can ensure your work is prioritised and booked into our system for the weeks and months ahead.

Start planning for the future and book, for example, your product recall, crisis management and food safety training, recall and crisis simulation exercises and supplier auditing (now).

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