Our latest roundup of recall stories

Hot chilli sauce with possible eye-watering results

Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce, often referred to as “Hipster Tabasco” has been recalled in Australia and New Zealand over fears that bottles could explode when opened.  Consumers are warned that a build up of lactic acid could cause the bottles to “bloat and continue to ferment”:

Exploding Hot Chilli Sauce

Gun holster that can turn the safety switch off

Vista Outdoor have recalled their Blackhawk T-Series L2C gun holsters after discovering the possibility that the safety switch can be moved to the off position, enabling the gun to fire without the user being aware:

Recalled gun holster

Dangerous magic poo

Tobar’s magic poo and unicorn poo have been recalled due to dangerous levels of a potentially hazardous chemical being identified in the slime:

Dangerous Magic Poo and Unicorn Poo

Health hazard helmets

A warning for Fallout 76 fans – a number of helmets have been identified as being mouldy, posing a risk to infection:

Mouldy Helmets

Handling a fake recall

In Canada, fraudsters are sending faxes to stores indicating that the Competition Bureau has issued a product recall order on a number of products, including prepaid credit cards:

Retailers targeted with fake product recalls

Exploding gardens

One shopper had a strange experience with a spontaneously combusting mini garden:

Exploding mini garden