International Product Safety Week & Recalls

The EU’s International Product Safety Week is coming up soon and it is a timely reminder of the importance of manufacturing safe consumer products. According to the website there will be “stimulating discussions on product safety in times of crisis, on traceability and product recalls”.

As they highlight, these are very difficult times for all businesses with staff shortages, supply chain disruptions and travel restrictions due to the pandemic, but ensuring that the products being manufactured still meet the highest safety standards is key to avoiding a costly and damaging recall. RQA have reviewed the latest recall data from the EU and US (see graphs below) and both show that, unlike in the food sector, consumer product recalls are still at normal, if not slightly elevated, levels. It is vital therefore that crisis teams within manufacturers of electronics, toys, white goods etc are ‘Recall Ready’. Ensure you have a recall plan, train your crisis / recall team and put them to the test with a challenging, scenario-based recall simulation exercise. RQA can help you get ‘Recall Ready’ even during these challenging times, as we can review your plans remotely, and deliver training and simulation exercises virtually, as well as safely on-site where appropriate.

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